66" Universal Rotary Broom

Cleaning, raking leaves and lawn dethatching even light snow removal!

This new design, has the broom closer to the vehicle for easier maneuverability and more ground clearance.  When lifting the broom, the motor will remain on the ground, only the broom section is lifted reducing the stress on the winch.

May easily be installed on most UTV brands.

If applicable : taxes, freight and installation fees are not included

Starting from 6 350.00 CAD $



Easy to clean all year round!

  • Simplified universal mount
    • Pre-assembled at the factory for fast and easy installation
    • Once the first installation is done it will take you less than 5 minutes to mount it on to your UTV
  • Performance
    • Includes an 11hp Honda engines (pull start) with a cyclonic air filter, protecting the motor from dust accumulations.
  • Requires
    • Universal subframe 700855
    • 2” Rear ball hitch and winch (1000 lbs or more)
  • Electric Lift (vehicle winch)
    • Use winch switch
    • The height at which the broom may be lifted is protected by a limit switch system installed at the factory
  • Electric control
    • Safe and easy to use, operated from the driver's seat
    • 1 connector plug for a fast and simple connection
    • Safe start included, avoiding to start the unit if it is still engaged.
    • Operator presence control,  the lanyard attached to the operator's wrist and on the control box will disconnect itself when the driver leaves his seat
    • Unit will accommodate the electric angling (optional) which may be installed quickly.
  • Durability
    • Brush made of stiff polypropylene for a long life span
    • Powder coat is baked on for a long rust free life
  • Interchangeable
    • Subframe is also compatible with the snowblower models Versatile, Premium and Vantage

The subframe extension is required when the measurements from the furthest point in front of the vehicle to the rear ball hitch is longer than 101".  Will not fit if measurements  are longer than 140".


Semi-Commercial 1 year

Professionnal or rental use: 90 days


    1. Engine: 11hp from Honda, manual start. Includes a cyclonic air filter, protecting the motor from dust accumulation.
    2. Engagement: Electric engagement is done smoothly.
    3. Angling:  Manual angling mounted on bearings will angle the broom from o à 20° to each side.  Electric angling available as an option.
    4. Low Maintenance: Easy access to lubricate the chain, simply remove the chain guard which protects the chain from dust and debris accumulations.
    5. Wheels:  Heavy duty 10" diameter wheels will allow access over any type of terrain.
    6. Parking stand: For storage purposes also acts as the receptacle for the side wheel kit (optional) for use when lawn dethatching.
    7. Brush pressure adjustment: adjust the presure to execute different tasks and compensate for brush wear using the spring tensionners.

    Weight: 1040bs

    Brush dimensions: 

    • Brush diameter: 24''  x 64'' sweeping path

Choice of options

  • Electric angling

    350.00 CAD $
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  • Dust Protector 66"

    225.00 CAD $
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  • Subframe

    450.00 CAD $
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  • Subframe Extension

    169.00 CAD $
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  • Side Wheels Kit

    350.00 CAD $
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