64" 3 Point Hitch Pro Series 2000 Berco Snowblower

The 2000 Series will just Overwhelm you!
Includes a Self- adjusting chain tensioner.

It will drastically reduce the need to clean and lubricate the chain.

Includes a hydraulic chute rotation and one of the only in its category that comes with a tooth saw auger.


If applicable: taxes, freight and installation fees are not included

Starting from 3 995.00 CAD $ Owner’s manual



Built tough, satisfaction guaranteed!

3 point hitch category 1

  • Top Link Pin is: 3/4″
  • Lift Arm Pins are: 7/8″

For Tractor with P.T.O from 20 to 50 HP, Commercial & Intense Agricultural use

Reliable and low maintenance

  • High grade cast iron gear box, requires no maintenance
  • Self adjusting chain tensioner, no maintenance or adjustment required
  • Full chain guard protects the chain and reducing the maintenance frequency
  • Saw tooth auger, will easily cut through any type of snow.

Hydraulic lift (uses the PTO of the tractor)

  • Was design to reach an optimal height which allows easy access on a loading ramp.

Fast installation

  • Simply attaches to the 3 point hitch on the tractor (category 1)

*Hydraulic hoses are not included


Regular Commercial use: 1 year
Intense Commercial, Industrial or Rental Use : 90 days


Weight: 500 lb

Dimensions: 64'' x 27''


  1. Chute: Hydraulic Chute with manual deflector

    • 700666 Electric Deflector
  2. Housing: 12 jauge steel fabrication for durability. Reinforced with a double layered housing to help avoid damage when solid objects are hit accidentally.
  3. Chain Guard: Full chain guard protects the chain and reduces significantly the frequency of lubrication. Easy rear access for lubrication.
  4. Scraper Bar: Double Life Span Scraper bar made of Hardox 400. Once this bar has worn down, simply unbolt it, flip it over and get a double life span.
  5. Auger: Saw tooth auger can slice through and break up the snow much easier than the standard auger. Just think of a butter knife as compared to a steak knife.
  6. Impeller: High speed impeller (22", 4 blades) propels snow to great distances. Protected by a shear bolt system
  7. Skid Shoes: Made of Hardox 400 for a long hard working life span. They are adjustable and replaceable
  8. Parking Stand: For storage purposes will also assist in the installation.
  9. 3 Point Hitch: Top link pin is: 3/4'' diameter.
    Lift arm pins are: 7/8'' diameter.
  10. Reduction: Reduction is done by a High Grade heavy duty gear box, ultra powerful with no maintenance required.
  11. Chain Tensioner: Self-adjusting chain tensioner, will automatically adjust the tension on chain when needed, no maintenance or adjustment required.
  12. Double Layered Base: Reinforces the snowblower against damage if striking obstacles.

Choice of options

  • Pair of extension wings with snow drift cutters

    395.00 CAD $
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  • Snow Drift Cutters

    99.00 CAD $
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  • Electric Deflector

    269.00 CAD $
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  • 40" Berco Winter Cab

    599.00 CAD $
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