44" Berco Rough Trail Cutter with 20hp engine




  • 17.5HP: 544lbs
  • 20HP: 567lbs


  1. Angling system: Adjusts the rough trail cutter parallel with ground without having to remove it.
  2. Electric Lift: Lifts rough trail cutter from 3” to 7” from driver's seat.
  3. Motors: 17.5 HP Pro “Briggs & Stratton” 20 HP Commercial “Briggs & Stratton” Electric start and electric clutch
  4. Hitch: May be adjusted to 3 different positions: left, right and center.
  5. Control box: All controls located at your fingertips
    • Start the motor
    • Start the rough trail cutter
    • Adjust the cutting height
    • Emergency shut down
  6. Operator presence control: The lanyard is attached to the operator in case the operator falls off the vehicle, the rough cutter will stop instantly.
  7. Blades: 2 x 15” swing blades
  8. Stump Jumper: Protects the spindle from potential damage done by an obstacle.
  9. Discharge: Rear discharge
  10. Reinforcement: Bumpers to protect tires
  11. Tires: 2 ply 480 x 400-8 pneumatic tires with tire sealant

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